April 2016 Wrap-Up!

Here I come, swanning in to your lovely May morning with a wrap up for April – WHICH IS LATE. I’m would say that I’m sorry that I wasn’t punctual in getting this wrap-up to you, but I’m not. Life is a busy dragon to ride, kids. ANYWAY let’s not delay the fantastic work of marvellousness that it my post any longer.

April was . . . not a great month for reading. That terrible tyrannical tyrannosaurus rex called University gobbled up all my time and meant that I floundered in my reading. The wonderful achievements of 10 books a month during the summer vacation are but a distant memory. April was filled with assignments, work, and reading through old Norse literature. Yikes. But fear not! I’m sure things will perk up in May (what a funny joke).

April was also one of those months for me where I started reading about a million books because I was so impatient that I just couldn’t wait to finish one. It’s a very inefficient way of reading, if you’re wondering. I think you’ll be pleased with me, though, because despite the lack of reading I did read some most excellent books that I should have read at least 300 years ago. Feel free to applaud.

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April Book Haul! || 2016

There are several places from which I gleefully accumulated books from this month. I’m supposed to be sticking to a budget and I did okay, but it was less ‘sticking’ and more ‘oh look how far over I’ve gone’. Between that troublesome second hand book stall at uni, another second hand book shop that I found when I went gallivanting south of the river (aka, drove very far away for some pizza), and attended a special night for promoting new releases as a bookstore called Boffins. Then of course there are the e-book shenanigans that I’ve been up to – so you might want to go make yourself a cup of tea and come back. Continue reading

April 2016 New Release GIVEAWAY

That’s right my lovelies! I’m doing a giveaway – how exciting!! This wondrously fun thing is being hosted by the amazing Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight and I’m so excited to give one of the bellow listed books away to one lucky winner!Β The winner will be announced on the 1st of May here and on Twitter – I will also send an e-mail to contact the winner. They get to pick their choice of book from the ones that I’m offering – WHO’S EXCITED?!

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