A Darkling Plain by Philip Reeve | Book Review


book #4 in the Mortal Engines Quartet

Rating: 5 out of 5.

😭😭😭 I loved this so much

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopian
Author: Philip Reeve
Published: March 2006
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 533 (paperback)

I have been making such slow progress with this series and now that I’m at the end I’m so sad it’s over.

This was brilliant.

I’ve loved this world and its characters so much. The audiobooks were bloody fantastic.

If you haven’t read the first 3 then idk what you’re doing here but off you go, don’t spoil yourself.

I found it so hard in book 3 adjusting to the change in characters when Wren and Theo took over (is it spelled Wren? With a W? Audiobook problems, man) I just struggled so much to reconnect with the story.

With Hester and Tom so much older, it all felt weird. But in this book, in book 4, it feels right. Perhaps the balance between the four of them sits better – there is certainly something deeply satisfying and almost nostalgic about the way all the characters from all the books come together for this final adventure.

Professor Pennyroyal is such an annoying bumbling bafoon but he has to be my absolute favourite love-to-hate character. Great poskit!! Ahh, I love him.

The twists and turns this takes you on was wicked fun. And of course there is plenty of fun, grungy, innovative city action going on to get your fix of this unique dystopian world.

Book 4 is definitely my favourite and I’m so glad that I didn’t get put off by the struggle I had with 3, because this series is now firmly a new favourite of mine.

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Title: A Darkling Plain
Series title: Mortal Engines Quartet
Author: Philip Reeve
Purchase: Angus & Robertson
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The fourth and final book in Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines Quartet.

The great Traction City of London now lies in ruins. Once, not so long ago, it hunted other cities across the vast wastes of a devastated land. Now it is a poisonous, lifeless wreck – until Tom Natsworthy and his daughter, Wren, uncover the secret hidden in its dark heart. It’s a secret that could bring an end to the war once and for all. But as Tom and Wren risk their lives, time is running out. Far away, a dangerous child with a deadly secret of his own is making a journey that may lead to the destruction of the entire human race.

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