Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco | Book Review


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Just as fun as expected.

Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction
Author: Kerri Maniscalco
Published: September 2017
Publisher: Jimmy Patterson Presents
Pages: 480 (paperback)

My favourite thing about this series is the fun that Maniscalco is having with weaving together fictitious ideas and notorious figures from the past.

It’d been a while since I read book one in this series, so I was well overdue to continue the story – and I’m so glad I have now (I can’t wait to read the rest). The characters in this series are a lot of fun and I think they work well together. Thomas is a very borderline-scandalous character (for the era) and is always pushing buttons. I find him intriguing because, for me, he toes the line with being tolerable but Maniscalco never pushes it too far that I get annoyed with him.

Quite the contrary, I ship these two so hard. This has to be the slowest burn romance I’ve read in a long time and I am 100% invested in seeing it out until the end.

Being a Dracula story, this naturally involves stabby-stabby deaths (or more specifically, stabby-to-the-neck deaths) and has a decent amount of gore. I hesitate to use the word gore because that sounds more gruesome than it is, but also, it is kinda gruesome – so if dead bodies aren’t you thing, this isn’t your thing.

There’s a real clock-ticking sensation, just like there was in there was in the first book, as the threat of murder and death hangs over all the characters; it becomes a game of who might be next. With all the cast living in fear and our main character still struggling with the trauma of the previous book’s events, it’s fast-paced and mildly stressful.

I really enjoyed following along with their crazy adventures in this – and the setting of Romania combined with the student life as they study and hone their skills, really creates a good ambience for the story. It was hard to put down because sometimes this creeps into a good level of spook that has you craving a resolution so as to avoid you having any scary dreams at night!

If you’ve read book one, it’s well worth continuing this.

Grab a copy!

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