Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie | Book Review


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I thought I guessed that one, but Agatha Christie got me again!

Genre: Mystery, Crime
Author: Agatha Christie
Published: March 1976
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 303 (paperback)

This was so much fun. I knew early on that this was going to be a favourite Christie of mine. I’ve only read a couple of Marples (in fact, The Moving Finger might be the only other one I’ve read at this stage), and this one takes the cake.

The idea of a possibly haunted house with strange memories coming to the surface of the new occupants was very spooky and fun. When our newly wed main characters move into the house and start getting themselves eyeball deep in what they believe might’ve been a murder at the house 18 years ago, you know you’re in for a very intriguing mystery.

I thought it was really fun to centre a story around a mystery in the past. I found myself intensely curious as to how Christie would pull this off. Naturally, it was as fun and quizzical as ever.

I also love Marple, and the fact she’s older in this story lent her an air of aged grace and sharpness that was highly entertaining.

I really did think I’d worked out what had happened and who had done it when I was mere chapters out from the end. Thoroughly convinced I was.

I was totally wrong. I didn’t even suspect the culprit!!

These books are ridiculously good fun to get invested into.

Grab a copy!

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