Waiting on Wednesday [#28]

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill @ Breaking the SpineIt’s a lot of fun and a FANTASTIC way to hear about new books that are in the pipelines to come out soon. I highly recommend heading over to the offical page and doing some sleuthing through the link-up – you’ll find some real hidden treasures, I promise!


This week I’m waiting on . . . Continue reading

Are You Excited? The Correct Answer is Yes

I just want to quickly discuss something I’m VERY excited about that I haven’t seen much spoken of. Okay so this post came about by me going: oooh yes! I can do this book for Waiting on Wednesday – but it’s actually going to be out by that point. So 10 points from Gryffindor for my lack of organisation. ANYWAY.

If you’ve read Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin then there’s a good chance you know about this but I just haven’t seen the blogosphere talking about it much. PEOPLE. This is a whole fan-freaking-awesome sounding novella from Graudin that is a decent length and I just don’t understand how you’re all still breathing.


I cannot wait for this book AT ALL. So thank goodness we’re only a few days away now. I just thought I’d throw this all in your faces to make sure you are, in fact, paying attention to probably one of the best novellas coming out this year. You’re welcome. Continue reading

Racing to the Finish in Wolf by Wolf

Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin




Genre: Young Adult, Historical Alternate Fiction, War
Author: Ryan Graudin
Published: November 2015
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books
Pages: 390 {paperback}

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Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

Oh my goodness, this book was amazing. I absolutely adored Wolf by Wolf from cover to cover. There’s something about historical fiction novels that is so compelling to read but when you make the jump to alternate historical fiction, well . . . it blows my mind. This is the story of a world where Hitler won WWII and to commemorate the ‘superiority’ of the Aryan race a motorcycle race is held each year to showcase the great endurance and perfection of the ‘ultimate’ human beings; the youth who participate in this gruelling race. Continue reading