Waiting on Wednesday [#53]

I have a very exciting book to share with you today. You may be aware of my complete and utter addiction  to a certain author called Colleen Houck – WELL, when she revealed the cover for her final book and novella for her current series I nearly fell off my chair. So put your seat belts on kids and prepare to be amazed.
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Filling in the Blanks in Daimon

Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout




Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy (paranormal)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: May 2011
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Pages: 62 {e-book}

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Well that was one creepy novella. This series is just so terrifyingly good. This felt like an optional read if you wanted to know in more detail the events that sparked the story of Half-Blood in more detail, but being only 60 ish pages there’s not heaps too it. I suppose that’s what makes novellas so much fun though! If this was ever a question of whether I would bother to read this then the answer was always, obviously! I loved book one!! Continue reading