New Book Releases | September 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a great day wherever you are in the world. I'm coming at you today with all the wonderful books coming out this month. Never have I been more frustrated to be on a book-buying ban because AHHH I just want to buy them all. One day, when I win … Continue reading New Book Releases | September 2021

New Book Releases | August 2021

I do apologise for how late this post is, life has been incredibly busy and this post takes a lot of time to put together. So even though we're well into the middle of August, I thought it would still be nice to share the new releases that have just come out! Fantasy A Lesson … Continue reading New Book Releases | August 2021

New Book Releases! | July 2021

Hi everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe and healthy. It's a new month, so you know what that means, new books!! Come with me to explore some fantastic new releases for July and see if you can resist whipping out your wallets to add them to your shelves! As a side note, this is … Continue reading New Book Releases! | July 2021

June Book Releases!

Who's ready for another month of new releases?! I just love seeing what goodies are hitting our shelves this month and then playing a game of self control to see if I can resist spending all my money on them (most of the time I lose). So feast your eyes upon the newly printed stories … Continue reading June Book Releases!

March & April Book Haul! | 2021

Hi everyone! I've decided to do my March and April book haul together so here we go. I hadn't thought I'd have that many books to show you, but (as always) I have a good few. New Books Providence | Max Barry I managed to score this one in a competition at my local book … Continue reading March & April Book Haul! | 2021

May Book Releases! | 2021

Fear not friends, for I am here with this post. Am I late? Yes. BUT IT'S FINE. I'm here and we can happily settle in with a cup of tea and our wallets to decide what we will irresponsibly spend our money on this month. I like this idea very muchβ€”and there are some greats … Continue reading May Book Releases! | 2021

April Book Releases ! | 2021

Howdy-doo! We're back with more new and exciting book releases coming out this month! I'm personally really looking forward to doing this for May, because I know there are a SLEW of awesome books coming out then. But I shouldn't get carried away: April first. Limber up your eyeballs, kids, because we've got a lot … Continue reading April Book Releases ! | 2021

February Book Haul! | 2021

I am so late in getting this up for you! March has been a whirlwind of hectic-ness. BUT WE'RE HERE. It's okay. I have many books to show you (naturally). February was ridiculous and I managed to accrue so many new books. My bookshelves are creaking with the weight of all the books I have … Continue reading February Book Haul! | 2021

March Book Releases! | 2021

It's that time again, folks! New releases timeβ€”yaaay! This year is just full of amazing books and I can't wait to share with you all the exciting books I've got my eye on this month. As always, this is a list of books I am personally interested in and things I think you'll find interestingβ€”it … Continue reading March Book Releases! | 2021

January Book Haul! | 2021

I actually ended up with a surprising number of new books in January which is delightful, if stressful for my TBR. I did a big pre-order at the end of last year to have something to look forward to throughout the year - meaning I pre-ordered about 10 up-coming releases and naturally a few of … Continue reading January Book Haul! | 2021