April New Releases! | 2022

Hello, everyone! I hope April is off to a good start for you – there are certainly lots of books to keep us entertained this month and I thoroughly enjoyed finding all of them. Some releases that I'm particularly looking forward to are: An Arrow to the Moon by Emily X.R. PanThe Discord of Gods … Continue reading April New Releases! | 2022

New Releases! | January 2022

Happy New Year, everyone! Can you believe that we're at the exciting beginning of a new year?! I can't wait to see all the new books that will be gracing our shelves this year. And I can't wait to sit down and tuck into all the amazing books waiting to be read. Let's see what … Continue reading New Releases! | January 2022

New Book Releases | September 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a great day wherever you are in the world. I'm coming at you today with all the wonderful books coming out this month. Never have I been more frustrated to be on a book-buying ban because AHHH I just want to buy them all. One day, when I win … Continue reading New Book Releases | September 2021

New Book Releases | August 2021

I do apologise for how late this post is, life has been incredibly busy and this post takes a lot of time to put together. So even though we're well into the middle of August, I thought it would still be nice to share the new releases that have just come out! Fantasy A Lesson … Continue reading New Book Releases | August 2021

June Book Releases!

Who's ready for another month of new releases?! I just love seeing what goodies are hitting our shelves this month and then playing a game of self control to see if I can resist spending all my money on them (most of the time I lose). So feast your eyes upon the newly printed stories … Continue reading June Book Releases!

March Book Releases! | 2021

It's that time again, folks! New releases timeβ€”yaaay! This year is just full of amazing books and I can't wait to share with you all the exciting books I've got my eye on this month. As always, this is a list of books I am personally interested in and things I think you'll find interestingβ€”it … Continue reading March Book Releases! | 2021

Books to Buy This Month! | October 2020

It's that time again! Lock away your wallets! It's time to resist buying ALL the books (and then go ahead and buy them anyway). October is BRIMMING with some excellent choices. My most anticipated for this month is definitely Blazewrath Games and Stephen Fry's new book: Troy! I didn't know until I was writing this … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month! | October 2020

Books to Buy This Month! | July 2020

There are a ridiculous abundance of books coming out this month. RIDICULOUS. I'm actually going to lock my wallet away because I cannot afford (literally or metaphorically) to buy anymore books. June put me to the test and I cracked. BUT OH BOY. Are you seeing this?!? Are you SEEING all the new shinies coming … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month! | July 2020

Books to Buy This Month! | June 2020

Honestly, I shouldn't do this post this month because I so need to not tempted myself to buy any more books!! I've acquired so many in May it's positively shocking. But that is all to come in a post later this week. REGARDLESS, I'm still super excited to look at all the beautiful books that … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month! | June 2020

Books to Buy This Month | April 2020

Seeing as we have little else to do in April as the whole world shuts down for quarantine, it's excellent time to get onto some of these new releases! I am personally quite excited for the all the reading time I'm going to have! FANTASY Incendiary | Zoraida CΓ³rdova RELEASE DATE: 28 April This is … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month | April 2020