April 2016 Wrap-Up!

Here I come, swanning in to your lovely May morning with a wrap up for April – WHICH IS LATE. I’m would say that I’m sorry that I wasn’t punctual in getting this wrap-up to you, but I’m not. Life is a busy dragon to ride, kids. ANYWAY let’s not delay the fantastic work of marvellousness that it my post any longer.

April was . . . not a great month for reading. That terrible tyrannical tyrannosaurus rex called University gobbled up all my time and meant that I floundered in my reading. The wonderful achievements of 10 books a month during the summer vacation are but a distant memory. April was filled with assignments, work, and reading through old Norse literature. Yikes. But fear not! I’m sure things will perk up in May (what a funny joke).

April was also one of those months for me where I started reading about a million books because I was so impatient that I just couldn’t wait to finish one. It’s a very inefficient way of reading, if you’re wondering. I think you’ll be pleased with me, though, because despite the lack of reading I did read some most excellent books that I should have read at least 300 years ago. Feel free to applaud.

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