Being Very Angry in A Long, Long Sleep

A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan ADD IT ON GOODREADS 3/5 STARS Genre: Sci-Fi, Young Adult Author: Anna Sheehan Published: August 2011 Publisher: Orion Pages: 352 {paperback} Original review on Goodreads Initial Thoughts That was both beautiful and terrifying. There's so much going on in this book and it was an awesome, if sometimes … Continue reading Being Very Angry in A Long, Long Sleep

Underhyped Books Read-A-Thon!

I am going to participate in anotherΒ read-a-thon! Hooray! As you might know, if you've been nosying around here for a little while, I am addicted to participating in read-a-thons. I've had this one in the books to participate in for a while now and I'm pretty keen to get on to it. To give you … Continue reading Underhyped Books Read-A-Thon!