Books to Buy This Month! | February 2020

I was tossing up whether to do this post because I missed it for January due to personal circumstances – schedules were NOT a thing. And then somehow it’s February!?? I ask myself, is it too late (being the 6 February when I start writing this) to get this going?? And I ask myself: eh, I want to know what books are sneaking onto the shelves this month so HERE WE ARE. Continue reading

MASSIVE November – December Book Haul | 2019

Oh boy, do I have a massive haul to share with you today OR WHAT? So many books. I missed doing my November book haul for reasons you can read about HERE. Which means, unfortunately, you need to limber up your eyes for the book haul of the century. I’m so excited. Christmas is always one of my favourite time of year because of all the books I receive – which is an extremely materialistic thing to say but hey, it’s the truth.

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