New Book Releases! | November 2020

Hello everyone! I renamed my usual monthly feature from Books to Buy This Month, just in case anyone was confused about that!! Nothing else is different though. These are still all the books *I* am looking forward to this month (not a complete list) - and books I hope you'll be excited about too! I … Continue reading New Book Releases! | November 2020

November Wrap-Up! | 2019

Oh boy, I had such a great feeling going into November - I was HYPED for reading. So naturally I ended stuck in one particular book for tHrEe weeks and that ruined all my magnificent reading plans. If that isn't a metaphor for life then I don't know what is. That aside, the four books … Continue reading November Wrap-Up! | 2019

Jumpstart January Read-a-thon TBR Announcement! | Round One

I've decided to do a thing. If you've been paying attention (I might quiz you at the end of the year so best take notes) I've signed a contract with myself to participate in one read-a-thon per month in 2018. A tall order? Most certainly - oh okay, no probably not, but shush and let … Continue reading Jumpstart January Read-a-thon TBR Announcement! | Round One

Unboxing: The Dragon’s Hoard || September 2016

I have some exciting news for you all regarding this box! Myself and Casey @ Adoptabookaus are officially going to be hosting a read-along for the books that come in this box each month! Yay! Each month, we will be reading the previous month's book and flailing about it on Twitter and Instagram. So make … Continue reading Unboxing: The Dragon’s Hoard || September 2016

Read-Your-Bookshelf-a-Thon (RYBSAT) #8

GUYS. RYBSAT round 8 is here!! I'm so excited I cannot even begin to explain. This has to be the highlight of my book read-a-thon adventures that I do. Don't know what RYBSAT (read-your-bookshelf-a-thon) is? Ooh, boy - I am about to change your life. RYBSAT is a read-a-thon hosted by Miranda @ BooKss101Β on YouTube. … Continue reading Read-Your-Bookshelf-a-Thon (RYBSAT) #8

Forgetting to Sleep in Falling Kingdoms

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes ADD IT ON GOODREADS 5/5 STARS Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy Author: Morgan Rhodes Published: 2012 (1st pub. Jan. 2012) Publisher: Penguin Group (1st pub. by Razorbill) Pages: 412 {paperback} Original review on Goodreads If you would like to see the spoiler sections of my review click on the links to … Continue reading Forgetting to Sleep in Falling Kingdoms

Rainbowthon #2!

I have just made a spur of the moment decision - I am going to participate in the Rainbowthon! In January I participated in two read-a-thons and have discovered that I really enjoy them ESPECIALLY when you get to make a rainbow TBR. What more could I ask for in life? The Rainbowthon is a … Continue reading Rainbowthon #2!