Goals for 2018!

After much reflection I have whipped up some excellent goals for the New Year. This is probably the first time I’ve really sat down to think about what I want to achieve with my reading life within the time frame of a year. YEARLY GOALS ARE ABOUND. But I can’t be bothered doing any fiddle faddling so let’s break it down and see what wonders I’m going to get up to in 2018. Continue reading

Beautiful Storytelling in The Nearest Faraway Place || BOOK REVIEW

The Nearest Faraway Place by Hayley Long


Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Author: Hayley Long
Published: July 2017
Publisher: Hotkey
Pages: 320 {paperback}

Review on Goodreads

I received a copy of this from Allen & Unwin in exchange for an honest review, thank you!

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November Wrap-Up || 2017

I have such a disappointing wrap-up for you this month. But it’s okay, I’ll make it up to you by promising MANY FUN MOMENTS in December to come and hey, we all have bad reading months. I apologise also for the lack of content – I’ve been lazy *proffers bouquets of flowers and little chocolates*. But I’m going to shock you all with amazing things this month. Just you watch.

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