Past to Paper: The Great Fire of London

Welcome back to Past to Paper! Hi, hello, howdy. It’s been a while. I do apologise. The thing with travelling is that whilst it’s marvellous it completely throws my blogging routines (YES I’VE BEEN BACK FOR AGES BUT SHUSH YOU IN THE BACK CORNER). The truth is that these posts take an enormous amount of effort to put together and thus I have only just plucked up the courage to tackle them again. I can’t leave my friendly potatoes (that’s you) missing your history classes. TODAY we are going to learn about The Great Fire of London which happened in 1666.

Past to Paper is a monthly feature on Upside-Down Books run by a young, Australian history buff. History can be an intimidating topic for many and knowledge of the past is severely limited for the majority. This features aims to make history fun, spark interest, and increase awareness of the past and how it could be brought to paper in an enjoyable way other than the sometimes unapproachable genre of Historical Fiction. It’s time to learn.

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